I was searching for something in my closet last night and stumbled upon about 5 or 6 old prayer journals. I got sucked in and had to smile as I recalled some of the different seasons God's taken me through the last 2+ years.

One prayer stuck out over the rest:

The ship has been on my heart since I got here and even before. If You want me there, save a spot for me and orchestrate exactly what I'll be doing. You know me so well, and You can find/create a job that I will love and be able to make a difference in.

To give you some context, I had been on staff for less than 3 months at that point, was quite stretched and challenged by my job as kitchen admin (which I was continuing for at least another 3 months), and didn't even know what a purser was. All I knew was that God was speaking to me about the ship, and even though I had no idea what I would even do on a boat full of medical and marine professionals, I knew God had something up his sleeve.

Fast forward a few years. By the end of 2013, I will have spent a total of more than a year onboard the Pacific Link, doing a job that I (most of the time) love and can use my gifts in, even if they aren't eye surgery or engineering.

As I thanked God for his faithfulness, and was in awe of that and other very specific prayers that He answered, I was challenged not just to leave it at that. I felt like He was asking me this:

What specific things are your praying and believing for now?

Do I know the full answer to that question at this point? Not really. I'm going to get an answer though. He knows me, He's faithful and He hears my prayers. Getting me a spot and job on the ship isn't the last or most significant thing He's going to do in my life. What's else might He have in store? And what part do I have in seeing it released?