View of Townsville from the top of a nearby peak, Mt. Stewart 

Quick facts about Townsville:
  • Townsville has an estimated population of 181,743
  • Townsville gets an average of 1,143 millimeters (45.0 inches) of rain each year, most of which falls during the six month "wet season" which occurs between November and April (Australia's summer).
  • Townsville is the largest tropical city in Australia
  • Townsville is in the AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) time zone, which is 17 hours ahead of California
  • Because of jellyfish, beachgoers swim in giant nets that are set up during stinger season
  • Townsville is adjacent to the central section of the Great Barrier Reef

Where is Townsville? 

What time is it?

How hot/humid is it today?

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